The Spearhead Huts Project - Developing a Hut Network in Whistler

The Spearhead Huts committee is a Whistler-based organization that was formed to see the completion of a long-standing goal: to develop a permanent, 4-season alpine hut system within the Spearhead Traverse -  a high-alpine route that links Whistler and Blackcomb. 

Alpine huts are used throughout mountain communities all over the world to allow for an extended stay in the elements.  In fact, a hut does exist next to Russet Lake in the Singing Pass area.  However this hut was never intended to have heavy usage.   It makes sense, given Whistler's status as one of the premier mountain destinations in the world, that we develop a high-alpine network now.  It has existed in Europe for centuries, now it is North America's turn. 


As you can see from the photo above the Himmelsbach hut is ready for an upgrade, as well as a few companions along the route.  The huts will be built to allow for a 3 night or 2 night stay, depending on the group and the desired pace. 


Check out some of the photos of the route, both in summer and winter:







For more information on the development of the project, and to help with making it a reality, please visit the website at




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